Girl’s Weekend

Sometimes I wonder why I was in such a hurry to finish college.  Sure, it’s expensive – that was the kicker for me.  Working 32 hours a week while going to school full time is not great for anyone’s sanity.  Pushing hard to finish in four years seemed like the logical choice for me.  Get it done and find a job – start making some REAL money.  haha… not exactly as easy as it sounded.

No one prepared me for how overrated being a grown up is.  After I graduated, it took several years (like 6+) before I reached the point in my career where I thought I should have been shortly out of college.  It must be the high standards I set for myself combined with just a little bit of delusion – I thought it would be easier or faster than it actually was.

The job stuff took some adjustment, but the really difficult part about becoming a grown up was separating from the women I met and grew to love at the Pi Phi house.  They aren’t down the hall anymore or even across town.  We all graduated, got married and live hours away from each other.  A few years ago we decided enough was enough and did something about it.  Now, each summer we pick a spot and meet up for a girl’s weekend.  It’s the best.  For those few days none of us worry about being a wife or mom.  I don’t think about dishes, laundry or what to make for dinner.  We sleep as late as we want, enjoy meals while they are hot, have a few drinks and catch up.  It’s a perfect way to recharge.

This year the girls and I are headed to Leavenworth, WA – a charming Bavarian themed village in Central Washington.  We’ll be trying some craft brews and floating the Wenatchee river and I absolutely cannot wait.  Luckily, I don’t have to wait much longer – 4 more days until we go! Wahoo!!


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