When life hands you lemons… (or an uncontrollable forest fire)

Our group of 5 college girlfriends had our trip to Leavenworth, WA planned for months.  A few days prior to the trip, lightning strikes cause several forest fires throughout central Washington and the Leavenworth area makes national news.  We called the hotel to cancel our reservation and hear that ash is raining down on the town.  Lovely.

We made lemonade.  Instead of everyone meeting up in Spokane and then driving 3+ hours Friday morning, we stayed in Spokane.  My husband Shawn (happy we weren’t traveling into the fire), graciously packed bags for our son Troy and himself and vacated our home for 3 days.  Despite completely changing our plans, we had an absolute blast.  Dinner and drinks at Casper Fry Thursday night followed by a lively game of Cards Against Humanity.  If you haven’t played before and you don’t offend easily this game is a must.  The game’s subtitle says it all: “A Party Game for Horrible People.”  From this game, a new musical was dreamed up centered around smallpox blankets and the phrase “Why am I sticky?” became the new “that’s what she said” phrase of the weekend.  Good times.

Friday we spent the day at Silverwood Theme Park.  The rides were fun and exciting, but my equilibrium didn’t appreciate the thrashing my brain took on the Spin Cycle, Timber Terror and their newest rollercoaster Aftershock.  Yikes! The names of these rides even sound like they’ll make you feel sick.  I think next time I go, I may stick with rides that were designed with small children in mind.

We woke up late Saturday, did some shopping and drove out to Coeur d’Alene Lake in the evening for a pirate themed party cruise.  In all reality, it was less pirate, more dance party which was perfectly fine with me.  We danced until my feet couldn’t take it anymore and we saw the most picturesque sunset over the lake.  The Pacific Northwest is so stunningly beautiful and I am blessed to call it home.

My friends all headed home on Sunday.  As always, I was sad to say goodbye, but grateful for the time shared together.  Those four beautiful, intelligent women inspire me  to be the best version of myself.



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