Happy Place

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.  -Psalm 19:1

The most vivid pink, yellow and orange briefly filled the sky last night.  What a beautiful sunset.  Witnessing God’s handy work every evening is one of the many reasons our back deck has become my happy place.  No matter what kind of day I’ve had or what lies ahead, I can go out to the deck, sit back in my chair and just breathe.  It’s so quiet and peaceful – the worries and stress of life melt away and for the time that I’m there, all is right with the world.

Yesterday was a great day.  It had been a few weeks since we busted out the smoker and we’ve been talking about experimenting with ribs… why not give it a try?  I found a great spice rub online and by 10am Shawn was off to the store to get 4 racks of pork ribs for a dinner party.  That evening, we had 8 adults and 3 kiddos at our house shooting pool in the basement, watching Seahawks highlights upstairs and enjoying each others company.  I pulled the ribs out around 7pm – the smoky smell filled the house and drew all the guys up from the basement.  Oh man were those ribs tasty!  The cayenne in the rub gave them a good kick and they were tender and juicy.  I’ll definitely be doing that again…

I LOVE having people in my home and cooking for them.  The energy created by getting a group of family and friends together makes me happy.  There is something very fulfilling about it.  That energy and sense of togetherness created by sharing a meal together is something I crave and appreciate.

Ending the day with that gorgeous sunset was icing on the cake.

God is good.


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