Thankful for Friday

It’s Friday!  Hooray.  So – I’m going to sound like a total whiner and I totally own it, but here it goes… Working 5 days in a row SUCKS!  haha… total whiner.  In addition to my every other Friday off routine, I’ve been taking my working Fridays off a lot more recently too, so I’m really struggling today to make it through a standard work week.

Part of the reason it’s going so slow today is because I’ve got a little road trip ahead of me tonight.  After work, I’m picking Troy up, driving him to his grandparents house and then I’m off to meet Shawn in Yakima.  Tomorrow is the Bruno Marks concert at the Gorge Amphitheater and I am so stoked about it.  I bought the tickets as a gift from Troy and I to Shawn for Father’s Day so we’ve been anticipating this weekend for months now.

Don’t get me wrong… being a mother (especially to a kid as awesome as Troy) is the best gig around, but I sure do look forward to and appreciate our adults only nights and/or weekends.  Tomorrow morning, Shawn has to get up and go to his Washington Officials Association conference.  I think I’ll sleep in and then spend some time at the pool.  Peace and quiet is a very precious commodity and I plan to take full advantage.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I would like to spend my free time.  For the longest time, we spent our time checking in on our home construction, then it was unpacking and getting settled in.  Recently we’ve spent a ton of time in our yard – gardening and getting the irrigation system in.  Things will slow down in the Fall and as much as I love football season (Go Seahawks!!) I really don’t want to park my behind in front of the TV.  I’m thinking power tools…  yep.  I’ve got my eye on a miter saw, jig saw, circular saw, brad nailer,  Kreg jig and a sander… so far.  It’s all saved on my Home Depot “Tools” list.  I found this great sister duo’s website called Shanty 2 Chic and they have all kinds of fun projects for me to get started on.  My dad was an amazing carpenter.  I’m hoping some of those skills rubbed off on me.  More to come on that…

My other option is starting another quilt.  I’ve made 10 now I think, but it’s been awhile since I made one for myself.  I made a black and white hounds tooth pattern quilt as a wedding gift to my cousin two years ago.  It turned out beautiful and I wanted to keep it when it was finished.  Luckily I had quilted their names all over it so there was no turning back.  🙂  I’ll just have to make another one for myself.

Either way – I’m going to be getting crafty here really soon.  Hopefully I’ll remember to take pictures a long the way so I have something to post.


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