Finishing my first project

Driving the last finish nails through the MDF platform on my bench was an amazing feeling.  I built this.  It’s done and it even looks good. I never doubted that I could do it, but actually finishing my miter saw bench was awesome.  Getting the main bench together was pretty quick and painless.  Well, all except for the 6 or 7 screws I stripped out with my impact driver and had to twist back out with a pair of pliers.  Not so fun.  Next time I’ll drill pilot holes or get self tapping screws.  Lesson learned.

Once I got the main bench done it was time to mount my saw and build the fence and platform.  This is where it got tricky.  I was a lot more challenging than I expected to get the fence flush with saw’s fence and also make sure that the cut was square.  I kept at it though and finally prevailed.  I’m super excited to use the completed bench and am trying to figure out what my next project is going to be.

Here are some pictures of the process:

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