Wall Shelf with Hooks

Years ago I swore off ironing and bought a garment steamer.  I think it’s my lack of patience and general clumsiness that lead me to dislike ironing so much.  Somehow I always managed to iron wrinkles in while simultaneously trying to get them out.  Ugghh…

Anyway, the steamer we got for our wedding (over 8 years ago) finally quit on us.  It had a handy telescoping pole that held our clothes while we steamed them.  In an effort to save some money and increase portability, we replaced our original steamer with a travel sized model.  We have taken it with us on a few trips (which saved me from having to struggle with a hotel iron 😉 ) and so far we’re pretty happy with it-minus one issue.  Without the telescoping pole, we don’t have anything to hold our clothes while we steam them.

For awhile, we tried hanging clothes on the door frame or on the towel ring, but the hanger always seemed to fall to the floor, adding to the wrinkles.  My husband asked me to pick up a hook the next time I was at Home Depot so we could end the frustration.  I agreed – we definitely needed something, but I didn’t like the idea of a lone hook hanging on the wall.  Time to build something!

I came up with a quick design for a shelf / hook combo that would look more intentional and purposeful hanging on our bathroom wall.  This was a really quick and easy project that added a lot of functionality to our bathroom.  I’m happy to have a spot for a plant to live and am grateful for a reliable place to hang our clothes while we steam them.   Even better, I had the wood and stain already, so all I had to purchase with the hooks and picture hanger.  Woohoo!

Plans here:  DIY Shelf with Hooks – Instructions



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