Becoming a Carpenter

My dad was an amazing woodworker.  He could dream up anything and make it a reality.  He was meticulously precise with his work – a true perfectionist.  I don’t think I realized how particular he was about getting everything right down to the smallest detail when I was a kid.  I guess I just assumed that everyone took that much pride in their work.  I see now that my dad is the reason that I am so nit-picky about doing things the right way (although my mom also has incredibly high standards as well).  Anyway, the point is that I recently decided that I need hobby and my boys got me the greatest birthday gift – a Craftsman compound miter saw.  I wish my dad was around to give me some pointers and advice, but I’m determined to learn some carpentry skills and start building! Continue reading


Thankful for Friday

It’s Friday!  Hooray.  So – I’m going to sound like a total whiner and I totally own it, but here it goes… Working 5 days in a row SUCKS!  haha… total whiner.  In addition to my every other Friday off routine, I’ve been taking my working Fridays off a lot more recently too, so I’m really struggling today to make it through a standard work week. Continue reading


2 Corinthians 4:17

For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever!

Today’s daily verse from Air 1 in my inbox.  The timing of these can’t be by accident.  It always seems to be something I need to hear.  Life on Earth is so temporary compared what is to come.  Live it to the fullest, rejoice in the positive and don’t dwell on the negative.

Happy Place

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.  -Psalm 19:1

The most vivid pink, yellow and orange briefly filled the sky last night.  What a beautiful sunset.  Witnessing God’s handy work every evening is one of the many reasons our back deck has become my happy place.  No matter what kind of day I’ve had or what lies ahead, I can go out to the deck, sit back in my chair and just breathe.  It’s so quiet and peaceful – the worries and stress of life melt away and for the time that I’m there, all is right with the world. Continue reading

Girl’s Weekend

Sometimes I wonder why I was in such a hurry to finish college.  Sure, it’s expensive – that was the kicker for me.  Working 32 hours a week while going to school full time is not great for anyone’s sanity.  Pushing hard to finish in four years seemed like the logical choice for me.  Get it done and find a job – start making some REAL money.  haha… not exactly as easy as it sounded. Continue reading


This morning started off slow, but productive.  I only slept about 5 hours last night (definitely not enough for me) so it was a serious struggle to drag myself out of bed.  Last night I started a 7 bone chuck roast in the crock pot though, so my house smelled amazing and I had to get up to turn it off and let it cool.  Before leaving the house, I got the roast out and put away for dinner later.  I love coming home after work knowing that I don’t have to cook. Continue reading