Wall Shelf with Hooks

Years ago I swore off ironing and bought a garment steamer.  I think it’s my lack of patience and general clumsiness that lead me to dislike ironing so much.  Somehow I always managed to iron wrinkles in while simultaneously trying to get them out.  Ugghh…

Anyway, the steamer we got for our wedding (over 8 years ago) finally quit on us.  It had a handy telescoping pole that held our clothes while we steamed them.  In an effort to save some money and increase portability, we replaced our original steamer with a travel sized model.  We have taken it with us on a few trips (which saved me from having to struggle with a hotel iron 😉 ) and so far we’re pretty happy with it-minus one issue.  Without the telescoping pole, we don’t have anything to hold our clothes while we steam them. Continue reading